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How to register online at MyNewsagent.co.uk with
Tarnway Stores

Click here and complete the registration form.

Can I contact Tarnway Stores from the website

Registered customers - Have a virus/spam free direct channel of communication with Tarnway Stores via their account management area.

Non registered customers - Tarnway Stores can be contacted via the address or telephone details displayed on this page.

The following information is not relevant to you until Tarnway Stores have registered with MyNewsagent.co.uk

Details required to register

You are only requested to supply very minimal details to register your online account. Detailed contact information is only required if you wish to start a home delivery, place adverts or order special offer items on the website.

Account management area

Available once registered, your account area provides you with the ability to;

  • complete your contact and delivery information
  • add your newspaper and magazine deliverys
  • remove items from delivery
  • suspend orders whilst you go away on holiday etc
  • cancel orders
  • pay your newsbill securely
    (dependent on newsagent choice/availability)

  • place classified adverts across the FY5 area
  • advertise your business across the FY5 area
  • pay for advertising (where payment is required)

  • complete your purchase of special offers
  • arrange delivery of your purchases
  • pay for your purchases securely

  • communicate direct & virus free with your newsagent

Each option selected notifies Tarnway Stores direct when you click submit for each action you take.

Placing your first home delivery orders

Browse the full catalogue of Newspapers and Magazines from your account, selecting any products you wish adding them to your home delivery account.

How soon will my first order be delivered

Assuming you have completed the details we require to start receiving home deliveries, we will add you to our delivery round(s) immediately. Your delivery will usually start within 3 days, Tarnway Stores may wish to contact you to verify details before proceeding with any delivery.

How many items can I order

Existing home delivery customers (known to us) can place as many orders as required. New customers (not known to us) can place as many orders as required but we may need to contact you to verify details before delivery commences.

When and How do I pay for my deliveries

You can request a balance of your newsbill by visiting the "My Online Account" section in your account and clicking the "request my bill" button, this newsbill can be settled online or offline.*

When to pay - We appreciate prompt regular payment of home delivery accounts.

How to pay - We offer traditional methods of payment to all customers, this website may provide the facility for Online Payment at the discretion of Tarnway Stores, we will always accept payment in our traditional manner.

Should Tarnway Stores decide to offer online payment, you will receive a "Payment Request" placed into your account for any outstanding balances and will be able to settle the payment online or offline.

* Should accounts approach or fall into unacceptable arrears Tarnway Stores retain the right to contact you through any of the details you supply at registration.

Tarnway Stores also retain the right to delay, suspend or cancel your deliveries and/or online account for any reason deemed suitable.

Advertising on our website

Your account area also provides you with the ability to place FREE classified adverts and paid for business adverts on our website (subject to terms and conditions).

Placing classified adverts

You can advertise anything you have for sale or advertise local events FREE for 1 month (you can select longer periods for a small fee).

Advertising your business

For a small fee you can advertise your business on our website and every newsagent website in FY5 (payable weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually).

Tarnway Stores

12 Tarnway Avenue

Tel: 01253 854334

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