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Appledore Newsagency and Mobile News


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Appledore Newsagency  and  Mobile News

Appledore Newsagency and Mobile News

Welcome to the website of your local newsagent, We are ready to take your orders for newspapers and magazines online.

Newspapers & Magazines

Newsagents provide the widest range of Newspapers and Magazines available in the the UK, a much wider range than can be sourced via large supermarkets, You can order from a list of over 3,000 national & international products.

"So Please, JUST ASK!".

FREE classified adverts

Registered customers can place FREE classified adverts right across the local area, adverts automatically appear on every newsagents website in the EX39 area.

Local business owners

If you operate a business in or around EX39, you can advertise your business on our website and every newsagents website in EX39 at a very low price.

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Appledore Newsagency and Mobile News

6 Market Street,
EX39 1PW

Tel: 01237 475213

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