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www.mynewsagent.co.uk by My Newsagent Limited

MyNewsagent.co.uk is the bi-product of three key personnel, each one an expert in their field. This amalgamation has contributed to making the business the success it is today. MyNewsagent.co.uk is the result of a project started in 2002.

Initially developed as a proof of concept the website has gone from strength to strength. Constant interaction with the industry, select newsagents and roundspeople have governed the path that the website has taken, making mynewsagent.co.uk what it is today.

mynewsagent.co.uk continues to gain momentum within the retail news industry and is now in a key position to help UK newsagents back into the local community position as a "key service", a position once afforded to all newsagents and sadly one that is disappearing in todays modern climate.

Developing mynewsagent.co.uk

Mynewsagent.co.uk is much much more than a simple static website.

Constant involvement throughout the project lifecycle with select newsagents and roundspeople have helped structure the service to be of optimal use to the retail news industry and retail customers.

Suggestions from newsagents have been built-in and tested (Beta testing period), we reached a point at which we and the newsagents felt the website should progress to "Live Testing", actively allowing customers to register with newsagents, place & manipulate orders & pay newsbills online.

Mynewsagent.co.uk is a constantly expanding & improving service fuelled by comments and suggestions received by our retail news development partners.

Our team are always open to new ideas and if feasible will impliment them very quickly at no extra cost to our newsagents, roundspeople or end users.

MyNewsagent.co.uk produces spectacular results

Results from live testing have been spectacular. Exisiting customers of these newsagents have registered in sufficient numbers and are actively using the system with a high level of positive communication.

Customers are using the system regulary, paying online "Securely" and receiving automated receipts and credits to their news bill account from the newsagent.

As expected, customers are using the full range of facilities available, the suspending and automatic re-enabling of news deliveries has received excellent feedback from both customers and newsagents for its simple operation and clear communication.

Newsagents and roundspeople are benefiting from this system purely because of the successful dealings they are experiencing with their customers online.

P and J News

113 High Street,
Isle of Wight,
PO36 8AF

Tel: 01983 406044

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